Current Courses

Cost: $150/term on average plus $65 annual online resource fees.


By enrolling in our class/classes, you agree that photos and videos of you (adult student) or your child/children (student under 18 years old) taken in the classroom(s) are permitted to be published on our website or social media pages unless written communications are made before enrolment. Cairns School of Chinese Inc. will ensure the photos and videos published are appropriate and present positive image of you and the school.

Kids Chinese Class:

  • Class I – Saturday 8 am during school terms. (HSK 2 & Certificate II in Applied Language)
  • Class II – Friday 4:00 pm during school terms. (HSK 1 & 2)

High School Class:

  • MS Class – Saturday 9:15 am during school terms. (HSK 1-2)

Adult Class:

  • Monday 5:30 pm during school terms. (BCT 1-2 Beginner Class)

Certificate II and III in Applied Languages (Chinese):

  • Saturday 8 am – 10:15 am (Certificate II & III)

Self-paced Study (online mode only):

  • Casual face-to-face lessons. (From $40/hour depending on student level.)
  • Cost: $100 annual online resource fees.

Private tutoring or school HSK courses (senior students):

Note: All classes are subject to availability and changes may apply.